SEO made easy thanks to a professional Website Audit.

The basic step towards website optimization?
All you need is a website audit

We generate a report from your public website so you can be able to fix all SEO issues and optimize your code.
By default we crawl your website using the same directives as the Googlebot but we can customize the crawling.
Data collected includes internal and external link, redirects, URLs blocked by robots.txt, issues with page titles, metadata, page response time, page word count, canonicalization, link anchor text, images with URLs, sizes, alt text, indexability status.
The data are saved into an excel file where you can filter the results and perform your own optimization.
Suggested steps for a SEO made easy that you can implement by yourself:
    The Internal tab contains the most important info where you can implement several optimizations
  • Sort by status code: all links with 404 status code must be fixed
  • Sort by size=0: check all links and redirects because they kill the website load time
  • Sort by Word Count: pages with content under 1000 words have thin content so enrich or remove
  • Check Meta Tags: your primary keywords should appear in your meta-tags because help to identify the topic of your webpage to search engines
  • Check H1: it must be not empty. H2, H3, H4 dont care
  • Check meta description lenght: must not be empty and remember that most search engines will truncate meta descriptions to 160 characters
    Click the External tab and sort status code: also all broken links with 404 status code must be fixed
    Image tab
  • Sort by missing alt text to discover images that have no alt text associated: write a text but not too long
  • Sort by alt text over 100 characters: reduce it under 100 characters
  • Order by Size descending: avoid images too big, less than 500 KB
    Page Titles tab
  • Filter by Title 1 Lenght should be between 30-70 characters: otherwise titles are too short/long. Most search engines will truncate meta title to 70 characters
  • Filter by duplicate to discover duplicate content: pages title and content must be unique
    Meta Description tab, filter by duplicate: make it unique
    URL tab, filter to discover non-ASCII characters: urls must be human readable
    Check if you have a XML Sitemap and robots.txt. If you dont have a Sitemap, we can generate it along with the audit.

You can order the website audit for just 19 €.
We will send the excel report by email within some working days.
Payment through Paypal. Please indicate your website in the note of the payment.
By default we crawl maximum 30000 urls. If you have a larger site, please contact us for a special quotation.

If you prefer, you can buy your audit from ebay.

Download the standard excel test limited to 30000 urls: Audit Report. Analyzed website is
The standard audit report is available on compressed .csv or excel, according to your preference.
Contact: ontiscal @
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